A review of research, conducted in 2016 by the Early Intervention Foundation, concluded that parents/couples who engage in frequent, intense, and poorly resolved interparental conflicts put children’s mental health and long-term life chances at risk.

These findings are in keeping with our clinical experience gathered over 70 years of working with parental couples in the context of relationship distress. 

Reducing Parental Conflict Workforce Development Grant - Our Offer Spring 2021

In March 2021 the The Department of Work and Pensions announced the Reducing Parental Conflict Workforce Development Grant in March, as a delivery partner in the RPC programme, we have developed a range of tailored solutions in training and delivery to help utilise the grant for couples & families: around specialist interventions to which have a recognised evidence base.

Download the brochure by clicking the picture link below:

rpc brochure



Here are the individual interventions and programmes to support parental couples in order that the impact of inter-parental conflict on their children can be minimised. 


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